Instructors, Flight Schools & Pilots

Flight instructors and flight schools in the St. Louis area use our Pilot Proficiency Center and Redbird MCX simulator to provide the best pilot training available.

Licensed pilots and pilots-in-training are also encouraged to use our facilities to sharpen their skills, maintain instrument currency, or prep for an upcoming trip.

Flight Instructors

Flight instructors form the core of Alpha Flight Simulation’s community. Our Pilot Proficiency Center, including the simulator and supporting tools, offers the perfect teaching environment—whether for a CFI instructing a primary flight student in the basics or for a CFII refreshing an instrument-rated pilot’s skills.

Our hours are flexible, and the facility is open and staffed whenever simulator sessions are scheduled. Online scheduling is provided by FlightSchedulePro.

redbird_student1_300x200All instructors, whether independent or affiliated with a flight school, are given a free 1-hour introductory checkout to learn the Redbird MCX operating procedures and see how to effectively use the instructor’s console. Our staff will also be on hand to answer questions and provide support.

To schedule an introductory checkout, or to be added to our list of recommended CFIs or CFIIs, please contact us online or by phone.

Flight School Partners

Cockpit view: Beech Baron on the ILS-16R Approach to Van Nuys

Cockpit view: Beech Baron on the ILS-16R Approach to Van Nuys

Flight schools and flying clubs throughout the St. Louis area and beyond can take advantage of our readily accessible Pilot Proficiency Center.  Send your instructors and pilots-in-training to KSUS for productive and intensive simulator sessions. Study materials, computers, and instructional tools are ready for your use. Aircraft parking is available.

Scheduling and Billing for Flight Schools
At the basic level, your instructor’s trainees can simply schedule sessions on Flight Schedule Pro using the “Make a Reservation” button and they would be billed directly at the regular rate. At a more integrated level, we would be glad to designate your school as an “Affiliated Flight School” and have your staff handle reservations. Alpha Flight Simulation would then invoice your school monthly at a discounted rate. Depending on the volume of usage, Flying Clubs and Fleet Operators could also qualify for similar arrangements.

Affiliated Flight Schools

Elite Aviation
Spirit of St. Louis Airport
18600 Edison Avenue
Chesterfield, MO 63005

Gateway Flight Training
Creve Coeur Airport
3127 Creve Coeur Mill Rd
St. Louis, MO 63146

If your flight school needs the enhanced training that a Redbird MCX and our Pilot Proficiency Center can provide, consider partnering with us. Please contact us to learn more.


All pilots are welcome to use the simulator to gain more hours, sharpen skills, gain or maintain their instrument rating, work toward a certificate, prep for an upcoming flight, or more.

Note that for simulator time to be credited toward a certificate or rating, an instructor must be present and the time logged. Pilots can bring their regular instructor along or arrange for the services of one of our cadre of recommended instructors.

NEW! Students in middle- or high school who are seriously interested in learning about what it takes to become a pilot can learn the basics and fly the sim under direction. Students or their parents can contact us to learn more.

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