Pilot Proficiency Center

The Pilot Proficiency Center (PPC), built around our Redbird MCX simulator, includes all the supporting equipment and capabilities of a complete training facility.

Whether you reserve an hour or a full day, the Pilot Proficiency Center becomes your own flight simulation and instructional facility, tailored to match your needs. See below for information on cost and billing.

Pilot Proficiency Center

Flight Simulator

Our flight simulator, the Redbird MCX, is the heart of the Pilot Proficiency Center.

sim-in-use-outsideIt’s a motion-based AATD simulator, featuring a dual control cockpit environment configured for crew training as well as single pilot operation. With the Redbird MCX, you’ll get a level of realism unavailable from any other general aviation simulator.

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Enhance the Simulator Experience

Insight video recording Van Nuys ILS-16R approach

Insight video recording Van Nuys ILS-16R approach

The Proficiency Center includes an array of supporting tools and technologies that enhance the use of the MCX for instructors, pilots-in-training, and all pilots.

You can record each simulator session with Redbird Insight, bring your own iPad and use Redbird’s Cygnus GPS to follow your flight on ForeFlight, interact with real air traffic controllers with PilotEdge, and more.

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The Concept of the Pilot Proficiency Center

Our Pilot Proficiency Center is one of the first in a nationwide network of Pilot Proficiency Centers currently under development. It replicates the very popular Pilot Proficiency Center sponsored annually at the Oshkosh AirVenture show by Redbird Flight Simulations and a group of aviation firms.

Flight scenario list

Some scenarios developed by Alpha Flight Simulation for use by pilots and instructors.

The Oshkosh PPC, operating only for the week of the show, features a large pavilion filled with Redbird simulators and staffed by volunteer flight instructors. Pilots visiting the show can reserve a simulator for a training session in which the instructor coaches the pilot through a flight scenario selected from a long list.

With Alpha Flight Simulation’s PPC, you won’t have to wait for the show in Oshkosh. Starting with the large library of scenarios developed for the Oshkosh PPC, operators of PPCs across the country will continue to develop and share more scenarios and training methods, while creating and maintaining standards of quality and uniformity. In this way, more pilots will experience the advantages of scenario-based training and proficiency attainment, using advanced flight simulators such as the MCX. 


General use of the Redbird MCX flight simulator: $100.00 / hour
(Only actual flight time in the simulator is recorded by the Hobbs meter. Billing is done monthly.)
All instructors are given a free 1-hour introductory checkout.
Affiliated flight schools and instructors qualify for a discounted rate. Contact us to learn more.

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