Use AATD Simulators for Instrument Rating

Good news for those seeking instrument rating and for anyone needing to keep current.

Recently, the FAA decided to allow 50% of the hours of instrument-rating instruction to be accomplished on an approved  “AATD” category simulator such as our Redbird MCX.  Another recent FAA ruling allows instrument-rated pilots to accomplish all of their currency requirements (6 approaches to IMC minimums plus a holding pattern within the past 6 months) using an approved AATD such as ours.  The FAA allows these sessions to be flown solo—without an instructor on board. No hood or safety pilot are necessary.

To maximize the efficiency of maintaining currency, Alpha Flight Simulation has put together a large selection of approach scenarios which are pre-loaded with in-the-air starting point, IMC weather from the IAF to minimums for each approach, and a variety of conditions such as time of day, turbulence, winds, etc. So, to be ready and confident for any upcoming IFR flights, now is a good time to come in to the sim and stay current.