Pilot Proficiency Centers Go Nationwide

This year, at the 2021 EAA AirVenture show in Oshkosh, we visited the EAA Pilot Proficiency Center, with its pavilion filled with Redbird flight simulators running all day every day of the show. 

Pilots attending the airshow could reserve a time slot to fly any of eleven proficiency-building scenarios while being coached by an expert instructor. These scenarios, created by Community Aviation and Redbird Flight Simulations, are designed to help pilots build skills and exercise inflight decision-making. They are varied and take place in VFR and IFR settings.

The popularity of the Pilot Proficiency Center is proven by the fact the schedule was fully booked very early on every day of the week-long airshow.  This popularity has prompted the organizers to make the same experience available throughout the rest of the year at Pilot Proficiency Centers throughout the country.  These flight simulation facilities are equipped with sophisticated Redbird simulators capable of running the full array of scenarios developed by Community Aviation, and more.  Of course, all these centers have the equipment and expertise to provide the full gamut of flight simulation-based pilot training for all pilot certificates and ratings.

The kickoff of this expansion was announced at the 2021 AirVenture show.  Community Aviation will organize the proliferation of Pilot Proficiency Centers through its Flight Training Network.  From its initial 14 centers, all featuring the initial eleven scenarios, the network will grow throughout the year as more scenarios and training products are added.  Through the establishment of common standards and instructional methods, clients can expect a high level of quality in their flight simulation experience throughout the growing network of Pilot Proficiency Centers.

As one of the original 14 Pilot Proficiency Centers, Alpha Flight Simulation is committed to offering our clients a high quality flight simulation experience, whether in primary flight instruction, training for additional ratings and certificates, or in currency and skills maintenance for pilots and crews.  At Alpha Flight Simulation, our affiliated flight schools look forward to participating in this effort.